National Right to Counsel Webinar Series

Over the course of this spring, the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC) and Right to Counsel NYC Coalition (RTCNYC) will host five webinar sessions to explore the ever-expanding movement for the right to counsel for tenants facing eviction.  With seven cities having enacted a right, and many others pursuing the same, it’s time to review what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how we can keep this movement growing.

Session 2: Baltimore

FEB 16 | 3pm ET


This session will focus on the latest right to counsel success story! In December 2020, amidst a global pandemic, Baltimore became the seventh city in the nation to provide a right to counsel for tenants in eviction cases. This was a huge win for Baltimore Renters United, which organized the campaign behind the bill, as well as the many organizations that supported it. Join us to learn more about how the right to counsel campaign got started, wins and losses along the way, and thoughts and ideas about implementation.

Session 3: San Francisco

MARCH 2 | 3pm ET


Session 4: New York City

MARCH 16 | 3pm ET



Session 5: Cleveland

April 6 | 3pm ET



For Spanish interpretation or anything else, please contact [email protected] at least 1 week ahead of the event!