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The Right to Counsel Coalition of NYC is made up of tenant organizing groups, tenant advocates, law schools and legal services organizations. We are working together to ensure that our city’s housing courts are a place of fairness, justice and equity.  We do not support forced displacements that can and should be prevented and we believe that safe and affordable housing is central to our city’s future. We are working on establishing a right for New York residents to be represented in housing court by licensed, qualified and experienced attorneys when they go to housing court to defend their rights.  

  • 65% of New Yorkers are Renters
  • Close to 300,000 New Yorkers are brought to Housing Court every year to fight an eviction.
  • 97% of all cases in Housing Court are initiated by landlords 
  • In 2013, 28,848 families were evicted in NYC. At least half of them wouldn't have been evicted if they had an attorney.
  • 90% of landlords have attorneys in Housing Court while 90% of tenants don't. 
  • 57,000 people are in NYC's shelter system.  
  • The #1 cause of homelessness is eviction. 
  • At least 30% of all tenants evicted last year were evicted from a Rent Stabilized Apartment  


In 10 years, none of us will be thinking about the cost of funding  a Right to Counsel.  In 10 years, we will be devastated by the consequences of denying this right to New Yorkers.  Right to Counsel is an investment in our city's future. Right to Counsel is a statement about our commitment to a diverse, equitable and vibrant city. 


                   Watch Our Powerful Video About Why NYC Needs RTC!