Defend RTC! Despite the overwhelming success of Right to Counsel in NYC, the state courts are moving thousands of cases forward WITHOUT RTC. 

  • SIGN UP to do join our Courtwatch Outreach in the hallways of NYC housing court to make sure tenants know their rights and to encourage them to fight back and join the movement to #DefendRTC! 
  • Know your rights.  The courts are throwing blame around instead of taking responsibility for denying tenants' rights.  Make sure to know what's going on with RTC and share resources with tenants about their rights.  
  • Call your city council members and demand that they:

    • Ensure that Local Law 53 is funded now.  This law supports tenant organizing groups to educate and organize tenants across NYC about their rights OCJ (Office of Civil Justice) has publicly committed to allocated 3.6 million dollars this year but has failed to release the funds. HRA (Human Resources Administration) must release this RFP NOW. 

    • FULLY FUND Local Law 136, the right to counsel law, so legal services providers can hire and retain more right to counsel attorneys.  We are demanding an additional $351 million so all tenants have an attorney. 

    • Sign on to and Pass Resolution 499 in support of our Statewide Defend RTC Legislation (S3254 / A4993), which would mandate that tenants have the time they need to get RTC.

    • Sign on to and Pass Resolution 345 in support of Statewide Right to Counsel (A.1493/S.2721) for all New York tenants. 


Pass Statewide Right to Counsel! We need permanent solutions to protect our homes and our rights! Now more than ever, ensuring that ALL tenants across New York State have the Right to Counsel is CRITICAL. The state legislature MUST pass and fully fund, in the fiscal year 2025 budget, Statewide Right to Counsel  (S2721 / A1493), which would guarantee the Right to Counsel for ALL tenants facing eviction. Help us build support for this crucial legislation!

  • Connected to your Community Board (NYC), City or Common Council, or County Board? RTC can support you in advocating that your local elected leadership pass a resolution of support for Statewide Right to Counsel or send a letter of support to state leadership. Email [email protected] for support and check out these resolutions of support from Manhattan Community Boards Eight and Ten, and Albany Common Council, and letter of support from Manhattan Community Board 5.