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Follow the grassroots story of how low-income Black and brown community members dreamed big, fought hard and eventually won the landmark Right to Counsel (RTC) legislation, guaranteeing  tenants the right to a free lawyer when facing eviction in housing court. As the first major city in the U.S. to pass it, this historic victory forever changes the landscape of gentrification, displacement and rampant landlord abuse in New York City.

We're excited to share our campaign story, our victory, and the concrete tools you can use to be able to initiate your own campaign for the Right to Counsel! Watch our film and hear from the community members and organizers, tenant leaders, and lawyers who won this Right for New Yorkers. Join our movement for housing justice and tenant power!

The entire premiere event of "Our Rights! Our Power!" including panelists, dedications and audience Q&A is available to watch here: