On August 11, 2017, Right to Counsel was signed into law, mandating universal access to legal representation for low-income tenants. This means that tenants no longer have to fear unjust evictions. This means that tenants no longer have to fear eviction as retaliation for organizing in their buildings or holding their landlords accountable. This means that we have more tools to fight gentrification. This is a victory for all of New York.

This landmark agreement sends a strong message to NYC tenants that their lives, homes and communities matter, that the City won’t stand by as they are forced to navigate the courts without representation and that they will be protected.  This is a huge step forward towards creating a more equitable and just city. 

It is also a testament to the power, strength and beauty of organizing.  ¡Si se puede, si se pudo y si se podrá!

Thank you to everyone who is a part of and who has supported the #RTCNYC Coalition! Thank you to our bill sponsors Councilmembers Levine and Gibson for pushing this through.

Right to Counsel will be implemented over the course of 5 years, by zip codes.  By 2022, coverage will be universal.  To learn more about implementation, the phase in of right to counsel or to get involved, email Susanna at susanna@righttocounselnyc.org.

Support this important work!  Funds will go to neighborhood based community groups that will help to make sure that tenants know about and know how to use this important new right! Click here to donate now!


Overview of the RTCNYC Coalition:

The Right to Counsel Coalition of NYC is made up of tenant organizing groups, tenant advocates, law schools and legal services organizations. We are working together to ensure that the places where evictions happen are places of fairness, justice and equity.  We do not support forced displacements that can and should be prevented and we believe that safe and affordable housing is central to our city’s future. We led the campaign that culminated in the passage of Intro 214-B, a law that ensures that tenants are represented in eviction cases by licensed, qualified and experienced attorneys when they defend their rights.  The Coalition will be actively organizing and advocating while this law is phased in. 

                   Watch Our Powerful Video About Why NYC Needs RTC!