Are your state legislators cosponsoring statewide Right to Counsel?

Earlier this year, Assembly Member Latoya Joyner and Senator Rachel May introduced statewide Right to Counsel legislation alongside the RTCNYC Coalition and members of our Housing Courts Must Change! campaign. This important legislation would guarantee tenants across New York State the right to a lawyer when facing an eviction  ALL tenants, ALL cases, in every part of New York. Call your Assembly Member and Senator TODAY and make sure they support these bills! 

How can I contact my state legislators?

Step 1:  Go to on your phone, laptop, or other device.

Step 2:  Enter your name, address, zip code, and phone number.

Step 3:  Click "Call Officials", review the call script (included below), and follow the steps on the page. 

Step 4:  Help spread the word! Invite 5 people you know to contact their state legislators too. Send them this text message or share and tag them in this Tweet.


Hi, my name is [Name] and I am a constituent of Assembly Member / Senator [Legislator’s Name]. I am calling to urge the Assembly Member / Senator to cosponsor A07570 / S06678, a bill introduced by Assembly Member Joyner and Senator May that would guarantee ALL tenants across New York State the Right to Counsel when facing an eviction. 

Right to Counsel is proven to stop evictions – 86 percent of tenants in New York City who had a Right to Counsel lawyer won their case and the seven cities that now have Right to Counsel have seen up to a 77 percent reduction in evictions. Earlier this year, Washington State, Connecticut, and Maryland also passed Right to Counsel statewide. Here in New York, nearly all landlords across the state have lawyers, while the vast majority of tenants do not, which creates an imbalance of power in the courts that largely favors landlords. 

With 1.2 million households behind on rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic and landlords actively trying to evict more than 236,000 tenants statewide, New York tenants need Right to Counsel, so they can fight evictions and remain safe and securely housed! [Explain why this bill is important to you personally].

Will Assembly Member / Senator [Legislator’s Name] sign-on to cosponsor A07570 / S06678?


Statewide Right to Counsel would guarantee ALL tenants across New York State the right to a lawyer when facing an eviction. For more materials and resources, go to