Thanks to a collaboration with JustFix.nyc and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project we are excited to have a new website, www.worstevictorsnyc.org, which names the worst evictors in the neighborhoods where Right to Counsel is in effect, maps all NYC evictions in 2018, and connects tenants to their rights, including their Right to Counsel. Check it out: 

RTC is incredibly powerful, and almost everyone who fights their case with an attorney wins.  However, not enough tenants know about their new right, and many are too intimidated to use it. Tenants are told that evictions are their fault, but the widespread use of housing court to threaten and evict tenants by particular landlords is part of what’s driving the eviction crisis. 

We created this list to encourage tenants to stand up, use RTC, organize and fight back! We are here to fight with you. When you fight, we all win.

Learn more about how to fight your eviction case in English and Spanish.  Find printable versions here and here

Here are flyers about the worst RTC evictors in BrooklynManhattan, Queens and the Bronx