When we won the Right to Counsel (RTC) in New York City in 2017, we had no idea it would spark a movement across the country. Today, 17 cities, four states, and one county have passed RTC! And the movement continues to grow! We work closely with tenant organizing groups, advocacy groups, and legal services providers around the country who see RTC as a tool to build tenant power in their communities.


Check out our RTC Campaign Toolkit, which we developed in collaboration with TakeRoot Justice, to tell the story of how we won and to provide tools, templates, and activities for organizers in other cities and states to use in their campaigns. Watch this webinar for an overview of what's in the Toolkit and how to use it.

Watch and share the documentary about our campaign: Our Rights! Our Power! The Right to Counsel (RTC) Campaign to Fight Evictions in NYC! 

Visit our webpage for more resources and information on how we’re supporting RTC campaigns across the country.