When we won RTC in NYC, we had no idea it would spark a movement across the country.  We believe that your fight is our fight and all our fights impact each other.  If you win RTC where you are, our right becomes harder to take away. So we are in the fight with you!

We are also  committed to developing a set of principles for what RTC means both in terms of the legislation and in terms of building the movement to end evictions. 

Here are a few resources to support campaigns across the country: 

  • RTC National Map- click to view an interactive map and learn more about RTC organizing in different locations, including stories about inspiring victories - when we fight, we win! Map by Madeline Blount, Manon Vergerio, and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project.
  • If you are organizing in your city, county, or state - add your story to the map!
  • RTC Campaign Toolkit, which we developed with the help of Take Root Justice, tells the story of how we won and provides tools, templates and activities for organizers in other cities to use in their campaigns. Watch this webinar for an overview of what's in the toolkit and how to use it.
  • National Organizing Convening: In November 2021, we held a 3 day convening on organizing for RTC with over 100 tenants, organizers, lawyers and advocates from over 40 regions and over 65 organizations. The convening focused on deepening our learning by sharing lessons learned from cities that won RTC, digging into the struggles and opportunities around implementation, and learning about efforts across the country.  See videos and other resources from the convening: 

-Check out this 1 minute video about Why We Fight for RTC

-Check out this awesome video that summarizes the lessons learned from the convening,

-read our blog and

-check out the slide deck

-For notes and other materials, email us: [email protected].  

Don't hesitate to reach out to ask questions, share stories, talk through challenges, etc.