COVID 19 Top 20 Worst Evictors

TODAY, along with our partners at JustFix.NYC and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, we are releasing our new list of the top 20 #WorstEvictors who have threatened the most tenants with eviction during COVID.   In just one month, our eviction protections are set to expire.  If our state allows this to happen, it’s these landlords who stand to benefit the most.  Eighteen out of the top 20 Worst Evictors receive public funding

Randy Dillard, CASA Leader and Right to Counsel NYC Coalition Steering Committee Member, says: 

“This pandemic has devastated our communities.  As someone who has faced down eviction, I can’t imagine dealing with all of the fear and anxiety of eviction on top of managing this ongoing pandemic. These Worst Evictors should be ashamed.  And our city should be ashamed to be funding and fueling this crisis.  We need the city and the state to take action to stop evictions as business as usual and to create deeper protections for tenants across the state, like Statewide RTC.” 

This list features never before seen data based on the number of households sued and therefore demonstrates how the widespread use of housing court to threaten and evict tenants by particular landlords is part of what’s driving the eviction crisis.

The eviction crisis is not inevitable.  We are calling on the state to:

  • Investigate and defund these worst evictors
  • Extend the current eviction protections until June 2022
  • Put permanent solutions in place such as Statewide Right to Counsel, Good Cause, A Permanent Ban on Winter Evictions and Clean Hands Legislation. 

The health of tenants and our communities should always come before the profits of landlords.  #EvictionFreeNY