Defend NY's Eviction Moratorium!

On May 7, Governor Cuomo announced that he was extending New York's eviction moratorium from June 20 to August 20. But instead of continuing the current eviction moratorium, the Governor's Executive Order ended it and put a new, dangerous one in place. 

To learn more about how the Governor's new order harms tenants, read our:  



Cuomo's Executive Order allows landlords to file new eviction cases and permits marshal's evictions from June 20, onwards. We aren't taking this lying down. We’re calling on the Governor to issue a REAL extension of the eviction moratorium for ALL tenants for as long as the crisis lasts. Call Cuomo and your state representatives to demand this TODAY!

We are also continuing to fight for more REAL solutions to the housing crisis. Sign our #CantPay pledge to stand with the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who are pressuring Cuomo to meet our demands to #CancelRent and #ReclaimOurHomes

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