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In August 2017, NYC passed Local Law No. 136., which codifies a right to counsel in housing court eviction defense proceedings for low-income tenants. This legislation is the first of its kind in the nation and one of the greatest advances in access to justice in a generation.  It shifts the balance of power in NYC’s notoriously one-sided Housing Court, create space for tenants to demand their rights and strengthens tenants’ ability to organize in their homes and their neighborhoods.  In just the first few years of RTC, more than 84% of tenants who had RTC stayed in their homes, landlords sue tenants less and defaults dropped. 

This is a critical moment to get involved for anyone interested in working to advance and protect tenants' rights and to challenge the business of evictions. Because of Right to Counsel, there are more jobs for tenant attorneys than have ever existed. In addition to joining the fight to defend tenants and stop evictions, the work presents an unending list of ways to be involved in the larger tenant movement which is using RTC to organize and is always developing new demands to expand rights, as well as to be a part of a historic moment to radically transform the nature of the courts.  

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