New Data: Thousands of Tenants are Denied RTC

The crisis we've been warning about for months is here and now we have the data to show it. Thanks to work with our partners at ANHD and the Housing Data Coalition, we are releasing our NYC Eviction Crisis Monitor. This monitor shows the percentage of tenants that have been denied RTC and the number of tenants that have been evicted since the COVID eviction protections ended in January.  

The reality is devastating. Since the expiration of the eviction protections, almost 30,000 tenants have faced an eviction in court.  Almost all of them should have had an attorney through RTC, yet 17,000 tenants, or two thirds of all of the tenants in court, have been denied this crucial right. The number of tenants who have an attorney is at an all time low since we won RTC. It's getting worse every week. 

Of the 17,000 tenants facing eviction alone, more than 12,000 of them are in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The vast majority of them are Black and brown. 

By all metrics, RTC works: evictions plummeted, landlords sued tenants less and 84% of tenants  who had Right to Counsel stayed in their home.  Denying tenants the most powerful tool they have in court to defend their homes, especially at this moment in history, is unfathomable.  

The result means that thousands of tenants have been evicted.  This number is increasing every day. See powerful coverage of this crisis in The City

Denying tenants RTC is a violation of their rights. It’s leading to evictions. It's a racial justice issue.  The courts couldn’t be more wrong.

We are fighting back. Fight with us: 

  • Join us on Friday, 10/28 at 9:30am at Brooklyn Housing Court to stand in solidarity with Flatbush tenant leader Beverly and to #DefendRTC for all tenants! 
  • SIGN UP to join our Courtwatch Outreach in the hallways of NYC housing court to make sure tenants know their rights and to encourage them to fight back and join the movement to #DefendRTC! 
  • Know your rights.  The courts are throwing blame around instead of taking responsibility for denying tenants' rights.  Make sure to know what's going on with RTC and share resources with tenants about their rights.  
  • See our TAKE ACTION Page for upcoming actions.