How it Works

Right to Counsel passed on August 11, 2017.  It will be phased in over the next 5 years.  That means that by 2022, all income eligible tenants in NYC will have the right to an attorney when facing an eviction in Housing Court. 

RTC is being phased in by zip codes.  In the first year, RTC will cover 15 zip codes, 3 in each borough.  Every year, the city will add more zip codes. For the first year, the city picked the zip codes based on the number of evictions, shelter entries and rent stabilized units.  If you live in these zip codes, and are income eligible, tenant attorneys have to take your case--you have the RIGHT to an attorney. Attorneys are free.

There is an incredible amount of housing law you that should have access to, to help you stay in your home---having a lawyer can really help! Eviction cases aren't just about your rent--they are about power.  Know your rights, claim your power and FIGHT TO STAY.

See below for zip codes in each borough. As of December 2017, here are the covered zip codes by borough:


Don't live in one of these zips? During this 5 year phase in, RTC isn't the only way that tenants can access attorneys.  There are free legal services programs outside of these zips, so you may still be able to get a free attorney.  Here are resources in: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Harlem, Queens and Staten Island.

We don't know what the zip codes are for the coming years but we are advocating that the city prioritize the zip codes with the highest number of evictions and the highest amount of rent stabilized housing as well as an overlay that would include seniors and people with disabilities everywhere, regardless of zip codes.Keep visiting our website for updates on your zip code!