The Power We Built on May Day!

The tenant movement is on fire! Last Friday we showed our power, strength and resolve to fight for what we deserve.

From banner drops at buildings and on bridges and car protests in Albany and NYC, to a powerful press conference featuring tenants from across NY on strike and protesting at our 2pm cacerolazo, the tenant movement is saying loud and clear: we are organized, we are growing and we are giving it all we have to #CancelRent and #ReclaimOurHomes! 

We also profiled many of the buildings on rent strike and the landlords they are striking against! #CancelRent is the only demand that doesn't require tenants to finance the recovery of corporate landlords. 


We made history on May 1 by organizing the largest coordinated rent strike in nearly the last 100 years! And we aren't done yet! Sign our #CantPay pledge AND our petition to Cuomo!

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If Cuomo won't cancel rent, we will