COVID-19 Tenant Organizing Materials

All COVID-19 resources are created in partnership with our allies at Housing Justice For All. 



On December 28, 2020, NY State passed the Covid-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Act, pausing almost all evictions and eviction cases until at least the end of February, 2021 and extending additional protections to tenants impacted by COVID until May 1, 2021. Please read our FAQ for more information about your rights:

Additional Info on The Courts, New + Pending Eviction Cases + MoreEnglish | Spanish

We will be fighting for the moratorium to last as long as the public health crisis lasts! 


FAQ on What to Do if You Can't Pay Rent Because of COVID

If you are unable to pay rent during the COVID-19 crisis, you are not alone. Millions of people can’t pay rent right now. Learn more about what to do if you can't pay:


Read our Rent Strike Toolkit in:

We believe that rent strikes are powerful tools when they are organized, but that they are not an end in and of themselves. We created this toolkit as a guide and source of resources to help folks conduct a rent strike in an organized and more powerful way.


Our Demands: 

  • Our Demands to Cancel Rent and Reclaim Our Homes: English Spanish
  • Housing Court Must Change! Our Demands During COVID-19 and Beyond! English | Spanish

Tenant Resources: 

  • A Know Your Rights FAQ on Online Rent Payments: English | Spanish
  • 7 Steps to Organize Your Building, A Graphic Illustration: English 
  • List of Tenant Organizing Groups Across NY State: English Spanish
  • Landlord Tactics Against Tenants During COVID-19: Know Your Rights! EnglishSpanish
  • COVID-19 Rent Strike Legal Support Guide: English